Renewable Energy Contractors

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MCS approved renewable energy contractors

Get a 8 to 12% return on your investment, better than any savings account and government backed, tax free and index linked!

With energy prices set to increase by at 4 to 6% this year alone , it makes financial sense to invest in Renewable energy solutions in 2015.

Whether you choose Solar PV or Wind turbine solutions, not only are you reducing your carbon footprint but you will be generating your own electricity so saving on rising import costs as well as being paid for every unit you generate!

All this is government guaranteed for 20 years on top of which any electricity you do not use yourself will be exported to the grid and you will receive a payment tariff for this as well.

Utilising Solar Thermal or Heat pump solutions for your hot water and /or heating requirements not only reduces your reliance on gas and electricity costs which are steadily increasing in price but with the Renewable Heat Incentive introduced this year, any domestic property with solar thermal, air source or ground source heat pump systems installed will also qualify for the same government backed tariff payments for every kWh generated, so there really is not a better time to invest in renewable technologies, please feel free to call us for help and advice or a free no obligation survey to establish what is the best solution for your property.

Established over 50 years ago, John West (Contractors) Limited are now a leading firm of MCS approved renewable energy contractors.


Specialising in solar energy, wind power and heat pumps, we supply all the major markets including domestic, schools, developers, commercial and public sector.

First set up in 1960, John West (Contractors) Limited are a specialist firm of Somerset based building, plumbing, heating and electrical contractors now pioneering renewable energy. We have a major showroom at our headquarters in Weston-super-Mare and we provide a complete service including initial advice, site survey, supply, installation, commissioning and Maintenance.

Installing Renewable energy solutions are still an excellent investment with some offering a tax free annual return of between 8 and 12% from the index linked and Government backed Feed-in-Tariff that is guaranteed for up to 20 years. With our competitive pricing, installation of a Renewable Energy system makes financial and environmental sense as well as drastically reducing your fuel usage and bills for the future.

For further information or to discuss your requirements, visit our showroom in Weston-super-Mare or call now on 01934 622891.