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John West Renewables Renewable Energy Showroom

John West Renewables are MCS registered and accredited for the supply, design, installation and commissioning of Solar Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal, Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pump Systems as well as Micro and Small Wind Turbines. We can also design, supply and install Rainwater Harvesting and Energy Efficient Lighting systems to suit your requirements. We are a long established family-run company with extensive experience within the industry and are conscious of the effect of the spiralling costs of energy, that both financially and environmentally, we all face. We are committed to ensuring we offer an efficient and cost effective Renewable Energy service to all of our clients in order to facilitate a reduction in their carbon footprint, increasing their energy usage efficiency, and thereby reducing their costs.

In 2008 the Climate Change Act was introduced by the Government and legally binds the UK to a commitment of a 34% reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 and 80% by 2050 , by addressing climate change and the UK’s impact on global warming, the Government has set some tough targets but with some positive steps forward to assist the consumer by the introduction of the Feed-In Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive schemes it is hoped the 2020 commitment can still be achieved.

Who we help and how we help

No two clients are the same, so it is important for us to understand how you live, and how and when you use the energy that you consume. We also need to look at the property you live in to determine what systems are feasible to install.

We always perform a site survey to assess this, and can then advise on what types of Renewable Energy would be most viable for you.

We can also assist with Planning and Feed-In Tariff applications if required.

Self-builders have a unique opportunity to create a low-carbon, low energy consuming property. We can help you realise this via our multiple-technology experience. We can provide a range of assistance, from initial assessment and recommendations through to complete design, installation and project-management.

We can liaise directly with your architect, main contractor or site/project manager and can assist with any Planning and Building Control issues if required.

Although Commercial properties always require planning permission for Renewable Energy technologies, a recent Planning Policy Statement (PPS22) stated that “polices should promote and encourage, rather than restrict”. Many commercial properties use a large amount of electricity or hot water in the course of their business use, and this use can be off-set by the installation and implementation of Renewable Energy products.

We always perform a site survey to assess this, and can then advise on what types of Renewable Energy would be most viable for the property and the business, from Solar PV or Thermal, to GSHP or ASHP and even Wind power in certain locations.

We can also assist with Planning and Feed-in tariff applications if required.

Farmers often benefit from owning large acreage, often in open rural areas where high wind speeds are common. They generally have large energy consumption and bills, and are often looking to diversify into other income-generating projects to support traditional farming.

We can design and install small-scale Wind or PV projects that allow the farm to lower its energy bills as well as securing a long-term, high-return annual income from electricity generation.

We can also advise on feasibility, funding and grant options, deal with planning and grid-connection consents, as well as providing a full installation service.

Installing a Renewable Energy system to a school is beneficial in a number of ways. It can provide the school with a valuable and free energy resource. Electricity producing systems can also provide the school with a long-term income under the new Feed-In Tariff scheme. In addition, the chosen system can be used as part of the curriculum to educate pupils on environmental and scientific topics. It will help raise the awareness and profile of the school through positive publicity, and can also help with Ofsted scoring.

We can carry out an initial assessment of your school, and help you secure Government funding for at least half of the project. A portion of the other 50% can often be secured through both European and local grant-funding.

We deal with every aspect of the installation, from planning to grid connection and completion and you are safe in the knowledge that John West Renewables have installed Renewable Energy systems on several schools and colleges to date.

We can carry out a full design and installation service to cater for the smallest housing project or the largest community scheme. Our service can include:

  • Initial tendering
  • Help with system design and integration, including system schematics and simulations
  • Advice on Part L, Code for Sustainable Homes, SAP and Building Regulations
  • Full installation of all systems including commissioning and hand over
  • Comprehensive post-installation service and support
  • Assistance with Grant Applications for ‘non-profit' organisations and authorities
  • Providing access to Carbon Trust interest-free commercial funding