Case Studies

We work with a variety of companies and organisations as well as supplying renewable energy solutions directly to ecologically aware homeowners. Please click any of the links below to find out more about a specific project:

25kWp installation in City centre Bristol!

100 panel 25kWp PV installation at DAS Insurance Bristol.
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Manor Farm, Dundrey -4kW Solar PhotoVoltaic

John West Renewables performed a survey on this 18th century group of farm house buildings and ascertained the most efficient location for a Solar PV array would be on this converted Barn building adjacent to the main house.
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Wind Turbine Installation -Sidcot

Evance R9000 5kW Wind Turbine installation : John West Renewables asssited the client with his planning application leading to the LPA granting permission for an Evance R9000 Wind turbine to be installed on a 15m mast at this farm in Sidcot, North Somerset. The client is extremely happy with the turbine, it has generated over 2900 kW in the 1st 3 months with 91kW being generated in one 24hour period !
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Carbon neutral home - Blackford

Solar PV and Solar Thermal installation in Blackford. The owners of this his beautiful period property in Blackford wanted a carbon neutral home if at all possible so following upgrades to the windows and insulation our design team worked closely with the client to establish the most efficient system for supplying the majority of the properties hot water and electrical power requirements.
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Worle, W-s-M, PV and Solar Thermal panels

Joint Solar PV and Thermal panel installation, W-s-M ,This property in Worle, Weston-super-Mare has a west facing roof which has had both a 2 panel Solar Thermal system and a 4kW, 16 panel Photovoltaic system installed. Even though the roof is west facing so only getting full direct sunlight in the afternoons, the Solar thermal system has provided over half the properties hot water requirement since its installation making a significant saving on the clients utility bills .
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4kW Photovoltaic System- W-s-M

John West Renewables have installed a 4kW Photovoltaic system onto the South facing roof of this property . Comprising of 16 x 250W Monocrystalline panels the SAP calculation for this property estimates upwards of 3430 kWh to be generated each year.
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