The Government has made a commitment to the EU, that 15% of the UK’s total energy generation will come from renewable sources by the year 2020. At present it stands at approximately 4%. Clearly there is some way to go.

The Feed-In Tariff system has been designed as an incentive for energy users to move away from using conventional, finite fossil fuel sources such as gas, coal or oil, to using infinite renewable sources such as solar and wind.

The Feed-In Tariffs are Government-backed, tax free , index linked , 20 year guaranteed payments for all renewable electricity produced in the UK, which benefits the property owner in three main ways:

1) The main benefit is the Generation Tariff, which is paid to you by your Energy Supplier for every kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity produced. The amount paid per kWh is determined by the type of technology and the size of the system installed, as laid out in the table below:

Wind >1.5-15kW 14.45p 20
Solar Voltaic < 4 kW new** 13.39p 20
Solar Voltaic < 4 kW retrofit*** 13.39p 20
Solar Voltaic >4-10kW 12.13p 20
Solar Voltaic >10-50kW 11.71p 20
Solar Voltaic >100-150kW 9.98p 20
* There are other technologies and system sizes available
** 'New' means where installed on a new building before first occupation.
*** 'Retrofit' means where installed on a building which is already occupied.

Once a system has been registered, the tariff levels are guaranteed for the period of the tariff, paid tax-free to domestic owners, and are index-linked for inflation. The tariff levels above are correct for systems installed between 1st August 2012 and 1st November , however for systems registered in future years, some tariff levels will be adjusted to account for expected reductions in system prices.

2) The second benefit is the Export Payment, which is paid to you by your Energy Supplier for every kilowatt hour (kWh) of generated electricity not used on site and therefore exported back to the Grid. At present, this is guaranteed to be a minimum of 4.7p per kWh.

3) The third benefit is the Offset Saving from using your own generated renewable electricity on site, and therefore not using electricity as supplied by your Energy Supplier, at their given ‘pence per kWh’ rate (typically this is approximately 14p per kWh).

To qualify for the Feed-In Tariff, all installations must be carried out by an MCS-approved installer using MCS-approved products and as per the change in tariff rates from 1st April 2012 the property the PV equipment is mounted on OR that is supplied with generated electricity must achieve a Band D or above rating on its Energy Performance Certificate.

How can John West Renewables help?

Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved installer

As a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved installer, you can be sure of qualifying to receive the full benefits of the Feed-In Tariff by having your Wind turbine or Solar photovoltaic system installed by John West Renewables. We offer a free and no obligation survey to ascertain your micro –generation requirements which allows us to design a system tailored to your preference so we can offer you a competitive quote. We also offer an EPC survey for your property should you not have a current certificate.

To discuss your requirements further, please visit our showroom to view our extensive range of MCS-approved products , contact us, or call now on 01934 622891.