WATER : Our most precious resource

In recent years we have been beset by either droughts or floods and all the while we are having to pay for clean drinking water to then flush it down the drain. Not only is this a terrible waste of resources but it is also not cost effective or sustainable for the environment.

Rainwater Harvesting is an environmentally friendly and sensible approach to cater for your water usage needs, all of the water running into your gutters and into the drain can now be stored instead and used for your non-potable requirements such as lavatory flushing, garden watering and car washing.

Several different type of storage and delivery systems are available, all of them are simple to use, low maintenance and cost effective , saving you up to 50% on your water bill they are a sensible investment for you and for the environment.

Gravity Feed Rainwater Harvest System

Gravity Feed Rainwater Harvest Systems:

This system pumps filtered rainwater from the storage tank outside the building into a header tank in the loft or attic space. This clean, non-potable water is then gravity fed upon demand to your lavatories, washing machine and garden taps.

This is really ideal for most domestic properties and if the electricity supply was to fail or the rainwater tank was to run dry then the header tank would automatically revert to being supplied by mains water so all your services would continue to be supplied.

Gravity Feed Rainwater Harvest System

Direct Feed Rainwater Harvest Systems:

This system pumps filtered rainwater from the storage tank outside the building directly to your lavatories, washing machine and garden taps upon demand at mains pressure or higher. This system is great for homes where the loft or attic space has been converted or there is no room for a header tank.

If the storage tank is running low on rainwater it will automatically be topped up to ensure that you never run dry.

Storage Tanks:

Rainwater storage tanks can be installed either above ground or below ground and come in a extensive range of shapes and sizes from 50 litres to 10,000 litres . Above ground tank storage for those with no space to dig a hole to locate the tank out of sight, or below ground for those with space to dig or those requiring larger volumes of storage , especially interesting for below ground installations are the new low profile tanks which require only a minimal excavation of less than 100cm to install a tank that can hold 5000 litres so making a 70% saving on the amount of excavating required!

Rainwater harvesting systems can be retrofitted to most properties in a relatively cheap and very simple installation, all required items are included in a kit - tank, pump, supply lines and fittings, etc.

New build houses face a stringent regulation of the design and construction of water management systems in the form of the Code for Sustainable Homes , the use of potable mains water must be drastically reduced and the systems must cater for a reduced risk of flooding by managing storm water effectively.

Environment Agency

Rainwater harvesting systems fulfil both of these criteria by reducing the amount of potable water used and ensuring sustainable drainage is available to store water for future use, so ALL new builds should consider Rainwater Harvesting early on in the design stage as a sensible and cost effective solution.

John West Renewables can design, supply and install all of your Rainwater Harvesting requirements, be it domestic, commercial , agricultural , municipal or industrial. Please visit our showroom to discuss your requirements with one of our technical team or call now on 01934 622891, alternatively you can complete our contact form.