Renewable Heat Incentives (RHI's)

To meet the UK’s 2020 15% renewable energy target, the Government need to develop new ways of generating renewable energy across all sectors, including heat energy. Heat energy from renewable sources accounts for approximately 1% at present of total heat energy demand in the UK. This needs to increase to around 12% if we are to hit our binding EU targets.

The RHI’s are guaranteed payments for Domestic and Non-domestic renewable heat generation in the UK, the main benefit will be the generation tariff, which will be paid for every kilowatt hour (kWh) of heat energy produced. The amount paid per kWh is determined by the size of the system and the type of technology installed – please see the table below for details:

Ground source heat pump Domestic 19.10 7
Ground source heat pump Non-Domestic 8.84 20
Air source heat pump Domestic 7.42 7
Air source heat pump Non Domestic 8.84 20
Solar Thermal Domestic 19.51 7
* There are other technologies and system sizes available
Source: OFGEM website

The CURRENT (as of April 2014) RHI levels shown above are guaranteed from between 7 and 20 years , once your application is completed these tariffs are fixed for the duration .Tariffs will be subject to review every quarter, although the tariff rate will only reduce if the uptake is above a specified amount. A tariff reduction only affects people who have not yet made an application, people who successfully submit an application before the reduction takes place will not be affected. Those who installed a renewable heat system before the scheme opened are protected from a tariff reduction and will always receive the original rate.

There are various criteria in regards for eligibility as far as type and size of Renewable product as well as EPC and Green Deal survey requirements, please contact us for details.

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